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International support for judicial independence has become even more crucial with the recent approval of a law that increases the government’s control over NGOs and enables it to unregister them. Whether this law will be implemented depends on the Constitutional Court’s decision. In 2014, former attorney general Claudia Paz y Paz also saw no alternative but to flee the country at the end of her term of office, which also meant the end of her immunity from malicious prosecution and other forms of harassment.

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  • Like many other Maya Q’eqchi’ women of Sepur Zarco, a small rural community in the Polochic Valley of north-eastern Guatemala, Ba Caal is still looking for the remains of her husband and son who were forcibly disappeared and most likely killed by the Guatemalan army in the early 1980s.
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  • A more positive experience was the representation to the Central American Parliament , 6 of the 20 Guatemalan seats were won by women, and this is equivalent to 30%.
  • Between 2000 and 2013 over 4,000 women were killed at the hands of their partners or family.

We’ll be in touch with the latest information on how President Biden and his administration are working for the American people, as well as ways you can get involved and help our country build back better. Ríos Montt’s conviction was later overturned by Guatemala’s constitutional court on technical grounds and amid controversy, and he is being retried. (Earlier this month an appeals court denied his request for amnesty.) Barrios was widely praised for providing a legal precedent for genocide cases worldwide and for highlighting the importance of an independent judiciary.

The ineffectiveness of Procurador de los Derechos Humanos is a result of a multitude of factors including the weakness of the justice system, a lack of clarity surrounding laws made regarding gendered violence, and the absence of free institutions that would aid victims. Despite the intentions of enacting Procurador de los Derechos Humanos, the full potential of its efficiency has not yet been reached.

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Women’s participation is still in minor seats with no decision taking responsibilities. Guatemala has an area of 108,889 km2, 51.5% of the population lives in rural areas. In 2009 the fertility rate was 3.6, the annual population growth is 2.5%, and this is equivalent to double the rate of Latin American and the Caribbean (1.2%).

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Many survivors are adolescent girls, leading to Guatemala having the highest teen pregnancy and preteen pregnancy rates in Latin America. Girls as young as 10 years old are impregnated by rape, and they usually carry these pregnancies to birth. Most of these instances of sexual violence are perpetrated by the girl’s father or other close male relative (89%).

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The abuelas of Sepur Zarco, as the women are respectfully referred to, are now waiting to experience justice. Justice, for them, includes education for the children of their community, access to land, a health-care clinic and such measures that will end the abject poverty their community has endured across generations. One important factor in the poor health status of Guatemala’s mothers and children, particularly Guatemalan dating customs in the indigenous population, has been the low level of public spending on health care. In 2008, the Guatemalan government’s estimated per capita expenditure on health care was the equivalent of US$97; the total expenditure on health constituted only 28% of all government expenditures. Both figures were lower than those in any other Latin American or Caribbean country for which data were available .

However, while government-run schools are free to attend, ‘hidden’ costs like uniforms, books and transport mean that education is often unaffordable for the poorest families. We are distributing food packages and emergency cash transfers in vulnerable communities, with a focus on women and girls, people with disabilities, the elderly, single-parent households and survivors of gender-based violence. This success made many in the country’s ruling elite nervous, including former president Jimmy Morales, who left office in 2020 and is currently being investigated for corruption as a result of a process initiated by the CICIG. Morales’ decision to end the CICIG’s mandate in 2019, and not allow its head, Iván Velásquez, to return to the country in 2018, was deeply controversial and led to national and international outrage.

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At 27 years old, she uses her music to defend the rights of indigenous Guatemalans, singing in her native Kaqchikel and Spanish. She gained national attention after uploading her song Ch’uti’ xtän (Niña) to social media, and her popularity has only risen from there as she continues to release music that is inspiring, powerful, and speaks directly of the hardships that indigenous people endure. Born to parents who were activists during Guatemala’s civil war, hip-hop artist Rebecca Lane has activism in her blood. Her popularity is rising every day and she has become an outspoken voice for women everywhere. Through her music she is reaching younger generations and creating conversations around gender discrimination, racism, feminsim, and many other issues facing Central American women. “The substitution of this institution by another one with lesser rank and functions, contradicts Guatemala’s international human rights commitments, and is a step backwards in terms of compliance with SDG 5 on gender equality, and SDGs 16 on strong institutions,” Broderick said.